Department of Ophthalmology

The Department of Ophthalmology of Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital/ Islamabad Medical & Dental College provides treatment for various eye ailments. The Outpatients clinic is equipped to diagnose and manage various ocular presentations including refractive errors, cataract, glaucoma, squint, diabetic eye disease, corneal and ocular surface diseases. The clinic also has anterior and posterior segment slit-lamp imaging, storage and retrieval system.

Inpatient services are available for patients needing admission and monitored eye care.

The department provides operative services including Ultra-sound phacoemulsification cataract surgery utilizing the latest Japanese technology. Other operative services include surgery for correction of squint, glaucoma, ocular surface and lid anomalies.

The 4th Year students of Islamabad Medical & Dental College following the undergraduate MBBS program rotate in the department during their 4 week clerkship.

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